Prof. d’Université en Histoire et Sciences Po,  Directeur de la Jeunesse et de l’Education Populaire pour Paris et sa région, secrétaire général à “France Amérique Latine”, passionné de littérature et de musique, promoteur de l’Europe auprès des jeunes défavorisés (migrants, minorités, handicapés…)


Adjunt professor of “History of Religions” at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro (South Italy) and holder of courses       at the Master’s in “Cultural Heritage and Ecclesiastical Heritage” of the same university. The rest of the time he observes, reads, travels, attends soccer stadiums.



Italian Anthropologist, she specialized in the history of popular cultures, mountains and gender studies. She is the founder of the Sherwood Association, which deals with the fight against climate change, economies of self-subsistence and resettlement in small communities. It organizes archeotrekking in many Italian regions.


Hungarian Youthworker, supporting youngsters in rural area to be volunteer. Expert in international volunteering European Voluntary Service, European Solidarity Corp. Rita has working in many countries in all continents of the World from Europe, Latin America and Asia.



ItalianAnthropologist from 1992, Ph.D. in Sociology in “History and formation of the socio-cultural and political processes of the modern age” and then Lecturer in Development Anthropology and Sociology ((Sapienza University, Rome). Has worked with various International agencies and institutes for research and cooperation (IPALMO, UNIMED, IMED, CESE, CNA) as a research and planning assistant and teacher-trainer. Redactor for various Magazines.


Moroccan, 41 old, he lives in Fes, the spiritual capital of Morocco. Specialist in hospital management and doctoral student in health law, he is notably director of a provincial hospital center. Associative actor and writer, he published the book “Political parties in Morocco: Diachronic analysis of the Moroccan partisan phenomenon” (1925-2006), French Edition, 2017.


European with French origins, economist, historian and columnist, is Director of the Center “Librexpression”- Foundation Giuseppe Di Vagno (LIBEX) a Euro-Mediterranean Centre for the promotion of freedom of expression and political satire. He holds a Doctorate in Macroeconomics and a Technology University Diploma in Mechanics. Former EU Commission official, he contributed to the European Monetary Union preparation (1980-2002), and to its audiovisual strategy (2003-2016). He pursued his activity, started in 1975, of lecturer in Economics, History of Economic Thought and Social Philosophy, in various universities in France, Belgium and USA. Author of numerous scientific papers and books.