The diagonales COMMUNITY is a reserved area for Diagonales authors, collaborators ans subscribers. Here, they could find projects or publications managed by our platform.
The diagonales aims to be a meeting place for people who want to find tools for a change of the way of being in society and within its strong dichotomies and contradictions. It is not enough for us to know what we do not want to be.
We want to understand what we want to become.
And above all, what we want to become together. This means that, on the horizon of the things that diagonals think, write, feel there are others.
That’s not advertising altruism. It is a cession of sovereignty and at the same time a surrender to the consideration that the existence of the individual can only be complete if it is contaminated with other individuals, if it becomes con-sistency in the world. All the more so today, when closing oneself in particular spheres, in specific areas, is an obstacle to understanding the whole and above all where everything goes, it becomes important to cross rather than walk.

Entering The Diagonales’ community, and its projects, is very easy and open.
A click for registration and voilà, done!

But… think about it very carefully because, if you go in diagonal, you leave the right way…

Our active initiatives

Investigation and Analysis on social relations after Covid19
Call for international authors