Our social network want to change the world



Accompany communities to decide about their future

Pyou is the first existing open platform on the web, dedicated to the civil mobilization of people who want to take action in order to really change things in the place where they live.
Pyou was born out of people’s need to connect, aggregate, listen and interact with those who share the value of a better, supportive, just territory.
In the current situation, the Participation space is scarce and insufficient: no contact with citizens’ daily experience, lack of real involvement, unrepresented social instances, collective communication spaces left to spontaneity.
Ultimately, citizens are dissatisfied, and it is impossible, or very difficult, for them to participate and decide on the choices that are made in their area.
Traditional social networks are generic, misleading and confusing, and their commercial nature makes it impossible to create and extract value through social networks.
Pyou aims to fill this serious flaw by creating a social space where unique and personalized experiences can be created and shared.
Pyou is thus the social platform to create Communities and movements for political participation and to combine social relationships with a user experience dedicated to social and participatory networking.
Our goal is to provide a space for citizens, users and members of spontaneous or organized movements to interact, share ideas, listen, stay in touch, exchange transparent information, advocate for their social demands, and make virtual and frontal animation tools an opportunity to grow engagement, develop new opportunities for collective growth, and support in important decisions for the life of communities.

Not a social network but a Network Social

Focused on social campaigns, its content, engagement and interactions between users and with the social instance of reference, Pyou is complete with all the most common and advanced social features and an integrated system: no modules such as blogs, forums, gamification and so on but a user-friendly, fast, easy and intuitive tool.

The PURPOSE of Pyou is to provide a space for citizens, users, and members of spontaneous or organized movements to interact, share ideas, listen, stay in touch, expand the transparency of information, and assert their social demands.
The GOAL is to accompany virtual animation tools with face-to-face ones as opportunities to grow engagement, develop new opportunities for collective growth and mobilization on behalf of communities.
Content is focused on social campaigns, capable of engagement and interactions between users and with the relevant social instance.
The TRENDS of the future we are aiming at concern the development of a sense of community, collective participation and mobilization, the desire for new interactions, and the discovery of lost rituals Supporting these needs means enhancing social responsibility and the role that each entity, association, foundation or organization plays in society in order to make it a better place!
Pyou’s TARGET are organized and spontaneous individuals and movements with a strong propensity for collective participation who, beyond age and social class affiliation, have a strong drive to mobilize groups and individuals bound by common values and the intent to support and become pressure agents for community-based social campaigns.
Pyou’s VALUES are clear: social sustainability, transparency of information, fight for legality, economic equity and social justice, and decrease in inequality.
The platform has the ambition to make individuals more active, aware and responsible.
By being inspired by local and global causes, to be shared with others for a collective effort aimed at changing something in the world; by sharing information about what is happening to increase connection with other active citizens and foster involvement.
Pyou does not present itself as simply a means to support a cause but was created with the purpose of creating real collective movements and pushing for active social responsibility and co-creation of value. This strategy is therefore based on the guiding principles of sharing, involvement, identification and mobilization.
Participating communities, movements and supporters abide by a code of ethics and social responsibility and sign a covenant of participation. Those who join the platform guarantee to abide by the principles of equal opportunity, fairness, equality, equity, confidentiality, protection of the person and the environment, honesty, impartiality and transparency.