Social Project Design


Project visibility, documentation


The beneficiary should  promote EU funding in all activities related to the project.  Any immediate project result will be promoted using appropriate communication tools as described in the Guidelines. 

Note (!)A cost not accompanied by a visibility rule, may be an unacceptable cost

Project documentation  

General terms and conditions of the contract, Art. 16 – Records and technical and financial checks
All activities should be documented and accompanied by appropriate documents

  • Documents should be located / kept neatly and accessible in case of visit for monitoring purposes
  • All project documents (originals or copies) should be in one place – in the institution of the applicant (copies with indication of where the original is located)
  • Keeping records: 7 years after final payment

Examples of project documentation

  • All documents related to communication with the contracting authority (e-mails, …)
  • Signature lists of participants at each event (education, meetings, conferences…)
  • Evaluation questionnaires from each participant of the event and analysis and analysis of research
  • Photos that document activities
  • All documents related to visibility
  • Presentations and other working materials
  • Conclusions, minutes, reports from seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops, etc..