Social Project Design


Project Management Team

Project manager

  • Project implementation planning (detailed schedule of activities)
  • Overall coordination of the implementation of project activities
  • Monitoring the progress of the project according to the projected results
  • Planning the work of all persons involved in the project
  • Approval of the work of all employees in the project (signing records of time spent on the project)
  • Coordination of stakeholder work and output
  • Coordination of the quality of direct project results
  • Managing partnerships
  • Chairing monthly meetings of the project team and preparing minutes and further monitoring
  • Internal evaluation of the project
  • Planning trips / events in the project
  • Logistics of events on the project
  • Responsibility for the absorption of funds and the eligibility of expenditure
  • Responsibility for financial management of the project budget
  • Processing / approval of payments from project accounts
  • Responsibility for secondary procurement procedures: preparation of tender documentation, participation in the work of the evaluation committee, implementation of subcontracts
  • Managing promotional activities and ensuring project visibility
  • Project spokesperson to the public
  • Communication with the contracting authority
  • Responsibility for narrative reporting to the contractor
  • Responsibility for financial reporting to the contractor

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager