Social Project Design


Development of a detailed gannt chart of the project

What needs to be managed?

  • Planning activities
  • Coordination of implementation of project activities
  • Achieving targeted direct results
  • Time
  • Project team
  • Project stakeholders, relationships and communication
  • Money (budget)
  • Cash flow
  • Risks
  • Quality
  • Public procurement
  • Documents

“Ghannt chart” of the project

  • Why is a mini ganntchart of a project contained, for example, in an IPA form not sufficient for the coherent implementation of the project?⚠️

➡️ A detailed and live tool is needed to define and then monitor the implementation
Tool in the form of a table in which it is summarized:

  • Detailed steps in the implementation of activities
  • What will each of these actions result in (output)
  • Who is responsible for the implementation of the activity
  • Who else participates in the implementation of the activity
  • When the activity occurs (in which week)

What is Gantt Chart