Social Project Design


Stakeholders Analysis

Stakeholders are all those on whom the project will have an impact: positive or negative. The stakeholders of the project are formal and informal groups, organizations, and individuals whose interests depend on the realization of the project.

Beneficiaries are the participants whom the project will positively impact.

Stakeholder analysis is important to identify key people, determine their interest in the project, and how their interests can affect the project’s sustainability.

Preliminary Stakeholder Analysis

  • What do they expect from us?
  • What to do to meet their expectations?
  • How do they affect us/the project?
  • What do we expect from them?
  • How important are they to us?

Other roles

  • Target groups/Beneficiaries – the achievement of the purpose will have a direct positive impact on the target group
  • End users – they benefit from the project in the long term
  • Leading partner – responsible for project implementation
  • Project partners – implement the project in the country
  • Associates – they are not financed by the project, unlike partners