Social Project Design


Development of intervention logic

Sets the project strategy – the level of goals, their relationship and hierarchy.

Overall objective

  • Broad and general in scope
  • Describes the long-term impact or outcome of the project
  • Provides the overarching direction and purpose of the project

Specific objective

  • Focused and specific in scope
  • Describes the immediate outcome or result that the project aims to achieve
  • Specifies the desired change that will occur as a result of the project intervention

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What are the objectives you need to know

First, a video here:

Results – describe the services that will be

  • to provide members of the target group,
  • designed in such a way that the project management can realize them and bear responsibility for them,
  • described as final actions

Activities – describe how the products and/or services of the project will be realized

  • 3-5 activities that directly contribute to the realization of the same,
  • only activities to be done within the framework of the project, which are adapted to the conditions in the country, are entered into the LFM,
  • activities are described as processes (verb or verb noun).

Activities – Questions

  • How will the activities be carried out?
  • Who will carry out the activities?
  • When will the activities be carried out?