Italy: call for inspirated “imprisoned” videomakers in quarantine


Claudia Giraud from Artribune

The idea of ​​some filmmaker roommates imprisoned in Bologna takes inspiration from the collective film “Italy in a Day” by the Oscar-winning director to edit videos sent by the Italians that recount their everyday life in Covid times.
The balcony of the house as a common denominator of songs, play, flashmob musical or cult films projected on the facades of apartment buildings. In these days of forced enclosure in homes throughout Italy
we are seeing creative initiatives of all kinds. Why not make one
movie? A team of filmmakers based in Bologna thought about it with
Quarantine – collective documentary” project which, given the impossibility of shooting outdoors, decided to launch a call on Facebook to receive audiovisual content that tell the everyday life of Italians during isolation for Coronavirus: “we would like involve as many people as possible by sending us material multimedia to then mount it all in a documentary on the absurd situation we are experiencing.
“Many jobs in artistic / cultural context in this period of quarantine are
suffering a huge brake. But we must reinvent ourselves and look for new ones ways to continue producing. Hence the idea of ​​the documentary collective “, explains the collective.

“Covid-19 isn’t just a disease, it’s a pervasive phenomenon that it alters the ability to understand what we have defined as normality, health, individual freedom, danger and much more. We would like to  therefore enter the “daily life” of citizens in the area national to find out what they think in this particular historical phase, have a 360 ° idea of ​​how people are xperiencing this period of  imprisonment”.

In the call, that  expires on April 4, there is also room for artistic ontributions strictly speaking: for example, the musical productions created in these days, which may become part of the soundtrack, or i-paintings, which may be part of the feature film poster.

The call here: