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The diagonales has opened an important research named

Investigation and Analysis on social relations after Covid19

we’re inviting you to participate in!

DIAMETER is an international intellectual research project of that was born as a result of the Covid19 emergency. The project is based on the consideration that the pandemic, having a significant and unprecedented impact on social life, has revealed the need to investigate its consequences in social relations.

The project is aimed at journalists, researchers and experts from various academic and professional fields.
Its goal is to investigate, monitor and elaborate on the multiple aspects of social life after Covid19 and imagine what scenarios may open up in this regard in the near future and in the knowledge that social relations will undergo significant changes in our way of living and being together.

The output of the research will be the publication in e-book format for The diagonales Editions of the contributions sent by international authors.

With this Call for Authors, the promoters, Professors Cleto Corposanto and Massimo Fotino (Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro, Italy) and Julio Echeverría (Universidad Central del Ecuador, Quito), in collaboration with the web platform of The diagonales, intend to activate a permanent laboratory of observation of the post-pandemic phenomenon in all geographical areas of the world, in order to analyze the important changes, diversified for each of them.

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Cleto Corposanto Italian, professor of The University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro, South Italy. He deals with issues related to the Method research and Health/disease. He has more than 200 publications between books and scientific articles. Former national coordinator AIS – Health and Medicine. He founded and coordinates the Degree Course in Sociology of UMG of Catanzaro.

Julio Echeverría Ecuadorian, professor at the Central University of Ecuador, he taught “Sociology of Complex Systems” and “Theory of Culture and Urbanism”. He was director of the “Instituto de la Ciudad”, a body responsible for research and knowledge production in the city of Quito. Among his recent publications: Ensayo sobre la política moderna (UASB, 2018), Ciudad y Arquitectura (Trashumante, 2019).

Massimo Fotino Italian, professor of “Social Project Management” at The University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro, South Italy. In the past has been Director of “Cerisdi Centro di Ricerche e Studi Direzionali” in Palermo. Professional journalist, he is founder and inspirator of the Diagonal Associations network and the platform The diagonales. Is about to publish “The Social Designer“.