The voices of the images

Travel, regardless of its concrete purposes, is a combination of stimuli and enchantment, disenchantment and discovery. This book is the result of an interweaving of travel experiences and sociological observation, through images that are somehow emblematic, evocative, “demonstrative” of a phenomenon, a culture, a time… It is not a collection of “beautiful” photos according to the prevailing aesthetic canons (some perhaps are, but it is an incidental fact), but of scenes that have lit a spark, a light on a shred of “sociological discourse”. It may perhaps seem strange, but this is properly a Sociology text. You won’t find Grand Theories (do they exist anymore? Do they still have legitimacy in this world?) but a small, passionate collection of notes and insights into Visual Sociology.

This is what the book “42 notes of visual sociology”, published by Rubbettino, is about. The printed copy in Italian can be found in the store of the publisher (HERE).
The diagonales publishes instead the e-book in English HERE.